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Grime Fighters’ Roof to Patio™ program is a residential maintenance services package dedicated to maintaining the beauty of your home’s exterior and common grounds. The program works by bundling all of your home’s exterior cleaning needs into one annualized service calendar managed by Grime Fighters.

From the Roof to the Patio, we’ve got you covered!

Normally, homeowners would have to contract each of these residential maintenance services from any number of firms. This leads to many inefficiencies – too many cooks in the kitchen as they say.  With the Roof to Patio™ program this is now a thing of the past.

Isometric view of home with patio and driveway that needs residential maintenance services

Why Choose the Roof to Patio™ Program?

Minimize hassle

Eliminate the stress of having to deal with multiple contractors for multiple services.

Save money

There is a lot of operational efficiency gained by performing all of these complimentary services at the same time. We pass along these savings by offering rates that are often cheaper than contracting each service individually.

Preventative maintenance

All of the residential maintenance services offered in the Roof to Patio™ program should be an integral part of your property’s annual envelope maintenance regimen.

Typical Roof to Patio™ Schedule

During the early days of Spring, most homes will get all of their windows cleaned and pressure wash their balconies, patios, and sidewalks. Although it can be done anytime of the year, we also usually recommend that homes group their dryer vent cleaning in during this servicing.

In the summer months, it is popular for R2P clients to do light restoration work including painting, caulking, and crack repair. Also, because of the warm, dry weather, the summertime is ideal for doing roof cleaning projects.

When the Fall comes around, and the leaves start to fall, most homes will look to get their gutters cleaned. This is also the time of the year some homes will opt for a second round of pressure washing or window cleaning.

Snow removal and Christmas lights installation services are obviously done in the winter months. When snow happens, Grime Fighters will be there to save you!

Popular Questions

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  • Do you offer any guarantee on your services?

    Yes, absolutely! All of our services are backed by our Fighters Guarantee!

  • Do you offer Christmas lights installation?

    Get off of your roof!  Let Grime Fighters do the tricky work – we can install Christmas lights on any type of home.

Service Brochure

To learn more about our Roof to Patio™ Program please download a copy of our brochure.