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Meet Us

The FIghters Story

The year was 2008 and The City was trying to recover from the grips of a nasty financial crisis. Desperate to find innovative and effective cleaning solutions, The City was at risk of being swallowed up whole by the griminess of the abyss. So-called saviors were thrown by the wayside; the victims of poor communication, uncoordinated services, and outdated equipment. It would seem that all was lost and that Grime would reign supreme…

On the streets, however, a revolution was growing.

Tired of seeing the same old “saviors” fail The City, the members of this revolution sought to bring superior communication, complimentary services, and top-of-the-line equipment to battle this problem. The Grime Fighters were born!

Meet our heroes

Brett Murray - Owner & Manager Superhero at Grime Fighters Service Group
Brett Murray
Owner Superhero
Vadim Pokotilo - Owner & Operations Superhero at Grime Fighters Service Group
Vadim Pokotilo
Owner Superhero
Jon Caiger
General Manager Superhero
Brian Odenbach - Production Manager Superhero at Grime Fighters Service Group
Brian Odenbach
Operations Manager Superhero
Slav Dujakovic
Production Manager Superhero
Veronica Wong
Business Development Manager Superhero
Andres Elizondo - Warehouse Manager Superhero at Grime Fighters Service Group
Andres Elizondo
Warehouse Manager Superhero
Helios Pavese
Estimating Manager Superhero
Susan Tuyen - Office Manager Superhero at Grime Fighters Service Group
Susan Tuyen
Office Manager Superhero
Dilan Narsih
BD Coordinator Superhero
David Estrada
High Rise Division Manager Superhero

General Inquiries: info@grimefighters.ca
Sales Inquiries: sales@grimefighters.ca

Our Fighters Process

This video will take you through the step-by-step experience of working with Grime Fighters in under 3 mins.

The Fighters Process Explained


Service Request

The process starts with the client requesting any of our exterior building maintenance services


Onsite Meeting

Our Account Manager Superhero will visit with the client onsite and review their needs for the project. For smaller, straight-forward jobs, an onsite quote meeting is not always needed.


Quote Submission

Within 1-2 business days of visiting the service location, Grime Fighters will submit a proposal based on the client’s requests.


Acceptance & Scheduling

Upon acceptance of the quotation, Grime Fighters will communicate with the client and select an appropriate date and time for service.



Our Production Superheroes will arrive at the service location to complete the job on-time and on-budget. Ideally, they will perform a post-job walkthrough with client before leaving the job site.


Follow Up

Our Account Manager Superhero will follow up by phone or email and confirm that the project was completed to satisfaction. Only after this will the invoice will be sent. Follow up contact will be made at a later date when the service is due up to be scheduled again.

Let’s talk about your property

Looking for a new career?

Our Mission & H.E.R.O. Values

We’re here to rescue you from the frustrating status quo of property maintenance with heroic efforts and safety, all backed by our H.E.R.O. values.


From our initial conversations to the work being completed, we are open and honest in our communication with you and we do what we say we are going to do.


We provide the best training and equipment with a strong commitment to work-life balance, so each member of our team takes a great deal of pride in their work every day.


We value meaningful relationships that last, so we look out for your needs both now and into the future. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.


We know the importance of your word, so we always strive to complete each and every job on time and on budget. So much so, we guarantee the prices we quote!

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